Louise Unwin: Editor

Louise is our in-house wordsmith who will be managing all of our contributors, making sure that content is delivered to the deadline and managing our editorial calendar. Every word shared through MoS will pass through Louise allowing us to maintain the brand both on and offline. Louise lives in Sydney. She loves to write about how singleness is portrayed in churches…often not well!


Sophia Sohn – Content Marketing

Sophia is our youngest team player and is our in-house Gen Z expert who not only understands the current generation but is highly engaged socially. She is part of the first generation to live their lives out loud on social media via Snapchat, Instagram and every other platform that has been made available to them. She knows where the conversations are happening, what everyone is talking about, what is acceptable and how to not only engage in the current dialogue but how to shape, form and more importantly influence the conversation.

Sophia is an accomplished writer, artist and world traveller who understands and lives in and through the power of digital.


Ashley Williams: Operations Manager

Ashley is a business development manager who specialises in broadcast and digital media. She has worked with clients across the globe and brings a wealth of experience to the team. Ashley is also an accomplished production manager in films and adds that expertise to the team.


Philip Sohn: Strategic Partnerships Manager

A background in finance coupled with a 15-year media career, Philip knows how to stitch deals and lasting partnerships together whilst embracing current trends and utilizing the media platforms that are currently available.


Nelda Samy: Chief Technical Officer

Nelda Samy is a tech genius and is the central nervous system of MoS when it comes to our public facing communication. With a deep understanding of backend design and functionality, Nelda keeps everything running smoothly whilst keeping us current and up-to-date when it comes to technology.